Code Camps for Kids: How to Choose One

Code Camps for Kids: How to Choose One

It’s too hot. There are too many bugs. It’s boring. Camp Whatchamacallit again?

Why pull your hair out mom?  Check out our online summer code camps instead!

Dad, this easily checks all of the boxes.

It’s online coding. Your kids are just a few feet away, secure in their own rooms.

It’s during the summer. The choice of class times and session lengths fit your summer schedule.

It’s all about coding. Our curriculum is both challenging and kid-friendly, which destroys the “it’s too boring narrative”.

It’s still camp. It’s an adventure that gives our campers both life skills (like STEM) and memorable experiences.

Why choose us?

Small class sizes: Each coding class is led by 1 dedicated instructor with a cohort capped at 7 students.

Learn by doing:  During these live sessions, campers participate in hands-on lessons where concepts are grasped through repetition and muscle memory.

Achievable results:  By the end of the camp, our students will gain fluency in a single programming language and complete a project whether it’s a game or website.

Best programming languages for kids: We teach only the most industry standard languages like Lua, Python and more.

Ability level: We meet your kiddo where they are in terms of ability, whether it’s Level 1, 2 or 3.

Special classes: We even feature a special class aptly named Web & App Development: Global Explorer for our Dora the Explorer fans.

Your choice: Whether your tyke wants to be the next Steve Jobs or doesn’t have a clue about any of this. Help them decide by signing them up for a free trial class at free coding for kids.


Order matters!

Logical foundation: Our students will learn about the logic behind conditional statements, functions and loops before they learn to code.

Kodu: Our campers ages 10 years or younger start learning logic by making games on the Kodu visual platform.

Confusing syntax: Much like learning the tricky rules of grammar of the English language, this is where students begin to learn about the words and the structure unique to coding for kids.

Campers aged 5 – 7 years (Levels 1 – 3, Summer Specials)

Scratch Jr.: A munchkin-approved fun introduction to the world of coding and it’s intuitively designed for kids of all ages. They easily move colorful blocks from a left-side sidebar to form block artwork of their own choosing.

Campers aged 6 – 8 years

3D Video Game Design (Levels 1 – 3)

Kodu: Graduates of Scratch Jr. move on to this slightly more advanced block-coding program. This group is introduced to the world of game design. Level 2 and 3 pupils begin the process of prototyping.

Minecraft Club (Levels 1 – 3)

Minecraft coding for kids: Campers unsure about this whole coding thing can explore fields as diverse as physics, circuitry and architecture all while playing this fun game.

Campers aged 8 – 10 years

Scratch (Levels 1 – 3)

Scratch: Learners here are finishing the last concepts of block-coding programming before moving on to learning a language.

Timing is everything!


At this junction, participants are ready to learn a new programming language. There are two tracks for our apprentices to pursue depending on their long-term aspirations, the Roblox track and the Python track.

Campers aged 6 – 8 years

Roblox Build (Levels 1 – 3)

Kids here are having fun playing the Roblox Build game while learning the language of Lua. Roblox newbies start at Level 1, while their peers at levels 2, 3 are building their first games in the Roblox studios.

Campers aged 9 – 11 years

Roblox Code (Levels 1)

Masters of Roblox Build graduate to Roblox Code as intermediate level Lua coders. Children here build on their knowledge base to create more sophisticated video games.

Campers aged 12 – 15 years

Design with Python (Levels 1 – 2)

In this camp, students must be well versed in coding concepts and have strong computing skills. Campers in Level 1 will learn important Python words and syntax, while their companions in Level 2 use those skills attained to build more elaborate functions.

A coding star is born!

The teaching philosophy for our code camps is based on applied learning and tangible results. We want your kids to complete a project at the camp’s end whether it’s a video game or a website. In fact, in our advanced camps for those 9 years and up, the emphasis is more on practice and less on teaching. We know that complex abilities like debugging code come only by trial and error and not by lecture. If your small fry is independently minded, hard-working and ready for a life-changing experience please sign them up!

Experienced campers ages 9 – 11 years

Roblox Code (Levels 2 – 3)

After completing Roblox Level 1, pupils are proficient enough to code on their own from start to finish. By Level 2, these same youngsters can make games in 3D and the sky’s the limit at Level 3 and beyond.

Experienced campers ages 10 – 15 years

Python coding for kids (Level 3, summer specials)

By Level 3, our students are using Python in more sophisticated ways such as in graphic design and game development. Due to the groundswell of video game popularity, we have dedicated two additional camps to support these kiddos’ interests.

Web & App Development (Level 1 – 3, fun summer specials)

By camp’s end, your scholar will be conversant in the languages of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We even offer a workshop for superstar pupils who want to publish their own websites!