Some Important Services that Determine Saxo Bank rating

Some Important Services that Determine Saxo Bank rating

Choosing broker becomes something essential before you start trading. Of course, the basic consideration should be about its license. You need licensed broker as a guarantee that you will not have any troubles once you start trading later, such as scams and frauds. You may check Saxo Bank as the recommendation of licensed broker. You can find Saxo Bank rating and its review to know more about Saxo Bank in case it meets your needs and expectations.

The company starts its operation in 1992 and it was registered under the name of Midas when it was established. In 2001, it was licensed by Danish Financial Supervisory Authority or FSA. After it gets licensed, the name changed, and it becomes Saxo Bank until now. In 2017, SaxoTraderGo terminal was awarded as the best trading platform from FX Week’s e-FX Award and ADVFN International Financial Award.

The Saxo Bank offers large varieties of instruments. There are Forex, stocks, futures, options, quoted options, bonds, and CFDs. In addition to its plenty of instruments, transactions are easy to do since it supports many methods of payment. As for deposit threshold, it starts from $10,000. From its minimum deposit, it can be seen that the trading platform focuses on delivering trading services for professionals and experts.

Saxo Bank

Saxo Bank provides easy access to have investment portfolio. It is possible to take high risks to gain high returns. What is good about the services is that you are able to choose the portfolio based on the optimal yet acceptable level of risks. In other words, you can set the limit to the optimal while still considering the risks. It gives easy access for transaction since it has no free period. It means that you are able to withdraw the money anytime. Then, there is also affiliate program in case you want to get passive income.


In term of rating, Saxo Bank may not be the trading platform and company with highest position. Its services are great, yet it is not enough to make it get high ratings. As for the high ratings, there are some brokers that you may also need to check in case it can be more suitable for you. You can click to find out more and you will find recommended trading platforms from first to tenth position based on Traders Union.